About + FAQs

As said in the side bar, I’m Erica Guezadilla. I’m 25, working towards a BFA in Graphic Design at CSULB, own a macbook, and still use a Zune.

I’m the same stupid nerd everyone else is. I like hoodies, hot chocolate, video games, shitty movies, alcohol, good movies, action movies, stupid jokes, puns, zombies, art, design, and farting in despair. It’s pretty dumb and I’m an OK person but people seem to think I’m NICE? ? OR GOOD?? Idgi
Apparently people follow me a lot for all the ska talk, design, illustration, and general awful/greatness that I post. I’m kind of amazed by this and really love all those things so if you ever have a question about them I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge. :3c

Are you part german?
How did you get into Ska?
I grew up in Orange County (CA), it’s really hard to avoid ska when you grow up in Orange County there are a lot of ska bands there. It use to play on the radio (KROQ mostly) when I was a teenager/pre-teen so that’s how I found out about some bands. The internet use of the early 2000’s helped a little too. I was always listening to ska my whole life but I REALLY got into it around 2005.
How long have you liked the Aquabats?
Since 2001ish??? I didn’t seem them live til 2010 cause no one wanted to go with me to a show. :S
I never got the cadet package so no ; ;
Why do you call yourself Naff?
I use to call myself Nafleky but no one can spell that name so I keep it as a gamertag/twitter name (was going to be my tumblr name too) but some dude called me Naff in 2004? I wanna say 2004 instead of Naf, and once I found out what it meant I kept that shit forever.
Can I see you naked?
Are you my boyfriend?
What are some of your favourite ska bands?
The Planet Smashers, The Specials, Mustard Plug, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mad Caddies, Reel Big Fish, Big D And The Kids Table, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Operation Ivy (ska punk to be fair), The Hippos, uhhh so many.

Do you listen to music that isn’t ska?

I listen to a shitload of music.

Can I see your tits?


Do you have a boyfriend?

Everyone stop asking this.

What are some of your favourite typefaces?

Futura, Avenir, Frutiger (I’m such a Adrian Frutiger fangirl I’m sorry), Garamond,(_surrounding), I wish quicksand had better letter spacing or it’d be here but it doesn’t so it’s not a favourite.
Some of my favourite styles of typeface are like 50’s hipster tikis surfer lettering. Lots of humanistic geometric sans-serifs. I really like classic slab-serif western style lettering  as well but I prefer these ones in custom made form to full out typefaces. 

What do you want to do?

I would like to be a graphic designer. Ideally at a small firm where it’s stressful as all hell and I get to do a little of everything but feel really good about the product I put out.



Favourite TV Shows and Movies?

Cartoons: Futurama, Samurai Jack, Venture Bros, Gravity Falls, Motorcity, idk a lot there’s a few.

Not Cartoon: The Aquabats Super Show!, Community, Parks and Rec, Super Sentai AND Power Rangers, Good Eats, Comedy Bang Bang, MST3k, idk man this is hard.

Anime: TTGL, FLCL, Paranoia Agent!, Persona 4 Anime, FMA: Brotherhood (shit that was a ride). I like a few more anime but I wouldn’t say FAVs

Movies: The Man With No Name Triology, Fight Club, Dawn/Day of the Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, 101 Dalmatians, Trainspotting, The Big Lebowski, The Thing (Carpenter), Jurassic Park, Star Wars Episodes 4-6, The Fifth Element, A Clockwork Orange

How Do You Skank?

Fuckin like a pro (mc lars called me beautiful shut the huck up)

Can I see your naked tits?

Forever no anons, forever a no.

Why do you curse so much? Why are you such an angry ska kid?

BECAUSE I GREW UP A PUNK. Also cursing helps keep me calm ok? fuck dudes :U