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So I’m not gonna’ write up a really long dissertation on it, nor am I gonna’ argue that it’s a form of oppression against asexual people, but I thought of something that really underscores how sex is an inescapable, all-consuming part of how our society works, and how there are ways that it manifests itself that asexual individuals might notice while sexual people just don’t. Basically, I can bring it together in one point:


The standard sizes for beds go like this: Twin, Full, Queen, King.

Twin and Full are wide enough for a single person, but too short for most grown people to fit, so we use them when we’re kids. But then, when you’re tall enough that you need an adult height bed… suddenly, beds are only available in a size wide enough for two people. Sure, there are Twin XL beds, but those are almost exclusively manufactured for colleges and you have a hard time finding bedding [at least other than ‘BACK2SKOOL college dorm-style’ bedding] for them or places to buy the bedframes or mattresses yourself, because when you get right down to it it’s an institutional size created [I’m betting] to try and discourage students at schools from screwing around.

So, there is no such thing as an easy to buy, easy to dress, adult-sized bed for a single person who will not be sharing their bedspace.

Sorry for the random mini-essay. I was thinking about it as I looked in my IKEA catalogue earlier and it dawned on me, ‘huh, there’s no asexual bed option! I literally HAVE to give up the width of another person worth of floor space if I want a bed I can lay in without my feet hanging off the end!’

one of our embassies in the middle east was shot with a rocket launcher killing several americans and all you can complain about is that you want a weird bedsize because you want to sleep alone and dont want to waste floorspace.

asexual bed option”

having a giant bed you can roll around on owns though, why would you want a tiny single-person one

oh my god just buy a futon or a dang loft bed and shut up already

I use to sleep on a twin size bed comfortably? Same with a full? Aren’t fulls like, made for adults basically that’s what they are unless you’re like SUPER tall. Even then, my ex and I fit super comfortably on a twin bed, so I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH SPACE YOU NEED TO BE COZY? BECAUSE I LITERALLY SLEPT ON A BED MADE FOR CHILDREN JUST FINE. THIS IS LIKE COMPLAINING BECAUSE YOU’RE ONLINE AND DIDN’T LIKE BEDS FOR IDIOTIC REASONS. Like I said, a little unrelated but like, fuck, just get a futon or ome shit like Adri said. Though futons are mad uncomfortable.

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    I’m too tall for normal beds…I find it comfortable though
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    …..Asexual. bed. option. -snort- xD No but seriously, what is this land of tiny beds the OP lives in? Really. I find it...
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    https://www.google.com/search?q=buy+twin+xl+bed+online https://www.google.com/search?q=buy+twin+xl+mattress+online Which...
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    uhhhh full sized beds are slightly over 6 feet long i’m pretty sure if you can’t fit in them the problem is that you’re...
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    ????? THIS IS WHY MY FEET HANG OFF THE END OF MY BED wow Some of the comments up there are kind of annoying, not gonna...
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    Nobody said anything about oppression. I saw their second post before I saw the original. I accept there are...
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    Okay asexual and have a twin XL bed- 1) In some places, the sheets are REALLY REALLY HARD to find in good quality. The...
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    Thank. Good post
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    I don’t think OP understands how some people sleep. I need that whole bed to myself. I can’t even share with my cat...
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    American problem. In Scandinavia most IKEA...are 90cmX200cm, the halfdouble
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    I have a double bed, and if I sleep with my head right at the head of the bed, I’ve still got a good foot of space at...
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    A few years ago, I thought I was asexual (I’ve since realized otherwise). I went online to check out asexual communities...
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    I’m so fucking confused by this post? I’ve been sleeping on an adult-sized single bed for the past..urh.. 18 years now...
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    posting from my twin bed that I fit on.
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    really interesting point...definately shows us...sex” is...
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    lol wow idk how tall the op is, but um, full sized beds are intended for adults sleeping alone, that is why they exist....
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    Cuz, you know, there’s no way asexual people would want more bed space. Have you ever thought that maybe some asexuals...