I’m currently watching THE DEAD. The Dead is a movie set in Africa, so as you can imagine there’s a great deal of Africans who are zombos. And they kill a lot of Africans, because again, this is a movie set in an African Desert. I haven’t heard a name of a location yet, but there’s also a love of dead white people, from what I can tell dead british people.  

The lighting is fucking awful when the sun isn’t out, like I guess that makes sense, it’s been night time for a while here but you literally cannot see anyone half the time. Like, unless you are by a fire or a light is shining right in your face you have definition. I am not kidding.
The zombie effects so far, actually good. Decent effects. I’m happy. They’re traditional Romero styled zombies, so slow, just sit there and kind of eat you, fucking everywhere.  Which I always appreciate, because I think some dad totally tried to kill his daughter and it is not above a zombie movie to have that happen. 

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