Also, if you wanna follow good cadets, uh follow any of them they’re all good.

If you’re wondering who the older fans, nothing agains newer fans, people like BumblingB have ben nothing but cool, this is to highlight the older fans I guess, IDK.  OLDER FANS who I know of that actively post aquabats stuff I’d say??? I dunno these are cool people shush.

- KookyBat , she has the lowest cadet number out of people I talk to. She makes me look like a scrub.

-Awesomelad - Definitely knows more trivia and has way more merch than I hope to have. He’ll post stuff that’s good for cosplaying and cool old merch things that will make you sad you didn’t buy a lot of things (LIKE MEEEE)

-Ninjkabat - My greatest frenemy. Ninjkabat is ultra-goodguy cadet to my uppity bitch cadetness. We often converse about things cadet and not cadet and when someone is being a clownbag, he’ll be there to punch them in the face. He is a ninja, no one has seen his face.

-Adri - I’d say she’s cool beans and posts a lot of stuff, plus enough people have thanked her for getting them into the bats that that hella deserves a spot. So much I used hella.


THERE YOU GO. Three of those people starting liking the bats after I did, one way before, a lot of people I know liked them at the same time but idk how active they are. @~@

BLURP! Cadets to follow if you wanna follow people who have liked them for like at least 8/7 years? (If you’re wondering me it’s 12 years. over here  and I still curse like a sailor)