okay aquabats fans time to do the completely unofficial cadet survey


  1. when did you first know about the aquabats: Probably 1998 or 1999? They played them on the radio.
  2. favourite song: Super Rad!, Awesome Forces!, Demolition Rickshaw! or Powder Milk Man!
  3. least favourite song: For some reason I can only listen to Lovers of Loving Love! or Hot Summer Nights! once in a while.
  4. favourite album: FURY OF THE AQUABATS. SHUT UP. It’s rad.
  5. favourite aquabat: All of them since forever.
  6. most kawaii bat: Ricky is obviously the most moe.
  7. which bat would be your bff 4ver: ALL OF THEM?
  8. which bat would you call on if you were in danger of getting eaten by a radioactive shark: Jaime/Jimmy the Robot, don’t worry Jimmy you’re still Jaime in my heart.
  9. what song do you wish was on the radio in your town every day?: DON’T TURN THE RADIO DOWN! or Idiot Box! (alternatively I’d bug them to play the original original Gogo13 Idiot Box)
  10. what would your cadet name be? (or if you’re already a cadet, what is your cadet name): Rainbow Puncher because why not?