Persona Q || Chie Satonaka (x)


Persona Lore in a Minute

Want to catch up on the beloved JRPG series? Well, it’s this video or about 300 hours of gameplay.


I couldn’t get the idea of someone speaking very seriously and saying “jingle my bells” so this happened

And an Igor for Thomas, naturally

Merry Christmas to y’all, I promise some more Pokémon soon c:


The only persona game I don’t care about is the rhythm game, and even then I might still get it

I’ll get it only because it’s more Shoji Meguro in my life and I’m a fool for his music. You could say it towers over me and I just don’t have the strength to get it away. He’s some type of Magician and I’m just over the moon about how good that music is.


Persona 5 Teaser Trailer

Written by Bryan Martin

Today after a 72 hour live stream Atlus finally unveiled Persona 5 for the PS3, along with 3 other persona games. 

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Literally no need for Next Gen consoles.

They hyped this perfectly though, stream was basically over and then 55.555 second countdown and Persona 5 Confirmed. I gave up all dignity and fell for the hype

I am so excited shit


So, let’s sum up today’s Persona Announcements for those who didn’t get it:


  • Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth

A Spin-Off for the 3DS, which will apparently conclude the P3-P4 storyline. Features time-paradoxes, call-backs to P2 and cutesy-optic. From the sound of it, the story will apparently be Canon. 

  • Details about P4U2:

Sho Minazuki is a villain, calls himself “The culprit” of the incident and there may or may not be two of him. Adachi is CONFIRMED to play a role. The game will be released in summer on consoles.

  • A Persona 3/4 Dancing-Rhythm game for the PSVita.

…Yeaaaaah, just what it says. This is gonna be weeeeird.


Apparently “Imprisonment” and “Slavery” will somehow be keywords. Nothing else was revealed. But the game is due Winter next Year.

So yes, for everyone who wanted to complain, not only is P5 confirmed, we are getting FOUR NEW PERSONA GAMES WITHIN THE NEXT 20 MONTHS. SO BE THE FRIG HAPPY! >_>


LIFEHACK: Start every friendship by yelling “I AM THOU” and throwing tarot cards everywhere


Fun Fact: November 23rd is when the Persona 3 Movie is set to hit theaters Japan, so this announcement will come the day after…maybe another P3 port? I’d buy the crap out of that…

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