My dogs were being unruly so I took the toy away and put it on top of our oldest dog who’s asleep. And they just stared at the toy then me because they know only I have the power to disturb him without him waking. Now our girl is staring at me.

She’s trying to pout.

She fell asleep.

My first boyfriend sat with me as I played through MGS4 and literally explained everything in the game to me as I played. He explained characters, the backstory, answered questions I asked. He was a fucking encyclopedia of information.

I’m going to draw Ethan porn for his birthday.

Have I Told You Guys How Good Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Is Cause You Should Watch That Movie???

Sometimes I think I have a lot of games, other times I’m like “I could have more.”

One time this guy told me that boobs that are D or bigger are public property so everyone’s allowed to touch them.

I was 17 at the time and desperately wanted to be accepted because of some shit I had gone through and was like, “Oh totally” even though in my head I was like, "PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME."

I opened my door to let a dog out then another dog walked in my room. I did like a dog exchange. 

Now she wants out and the other dog wants back in.


Today I was in studio and heard these other two BFA Graphic Design students talking, I joined the convo here and there because I knew some of the people they were talking about and all that. 

But it was weird cause it felt like they really couldn’t believe I was talking to them. Like in a snooty way? Now there are some definite people with a giant stick up their ass in the program. they sort of walk around like they are the cream of the world and everyone else is shit. Or they act that way at times. I know I did good, good enough to get some rather conservative designers to like my loud and energetic designs. However, I also know that commonly they accept very clean designers.

But it’s this weird attitude and these people are obsessed with beautiful design and I started to think about what it means to create beautiful design. I know of both of these particular people’s styles so I knew they both mean very clean and elegant designs. But they wanted those designs to be accessible but I started to wonder if accessible designs need to be beautiful or what would really make a design beautiful.

now i’m going to ramble about this under the cut in another episode “naff rambles about design”

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I had Thai Curry Pizza for lunch.

Now I’m having w/e chain pizza for dinner.

Happy Pizza Day.

Are you ready for a finished drawing at 10:40 pm tumblr cause lemme tell u

Who told me to read Irredeemable Ant Man cause I’m trying to figure that out it was probably Andy who am I kidding it was Andy I know it was Andy.


I will do so. With the Calendar and Stop motion piece.

I would buy a Wii U for Smash if they made Issac from Golden Sun a playable character, NGL.